The sky's the limit! We allow your child to broaden their imagination!


We create a safe environment and make exploring fun!


Enjoy learning whilst having a great time!


Fun Phonics (4-6 Years)

Our Fun Phonics sessions are designed to help your children recognise letter sounds and blend them together to make words on their journey to become fluent readers!

Our classes are filled with engaging activities that will leave your child wanting to read more! We will also support your child with the year 1 phonics check. Boost your child’s confidence in reading and open up the world for them!

Maths Marvels (4-6 Years)

Strengthen your child’s maths skills at our Maths Marvels class. From counting accurately, recognising numbers and subtilising to building confidence in addition, subtraction and early multiplication & division as well as building problem solving skills!

All whilst enjoying maths, applying skills and having fun!

Tutoring Sessions (4-11 Years)

Our one-to-one Maths and English tutoring sessions will give your child the out of school support that they require whilst following the National Curriculum. These sessions will be catered to your child’s specific needs.

They run after school or on a Saturday in the comfort of your own home. Please email us at for more information and availability.

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